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Tuesday, August 16, 2005 


These are the results from our last Flickr Friday! I was amazed as usual at all the wonderful shots. Thank you for showing me all of your wonderful colors!

To see the entire set click here. To see the slideshow click here.

I would like all of you to think about something here. I have been reading your blogs for a long time and every one of you has written about a dark time in your lives. Every one of you has written about something negative that has hurt you or about a situation that you just didn't think that you would get out of.

You all still see the beautiful colors that make every dark situation seem just a bit brighter! There is a reason that I collect all of these pictures and why I take so many of my own.

They make me feel alive.

I may never personally see a sunset in Hawaii or a long haired mexican goddess with flowing black hair modeling a colorful dress but some of you have seen those things and for that moment when that photo was taken you were happy. The world was great and freedom was yours.

I had a CT scan yesterday and I was so scared. The test itself does not hurt but being in that machine just reminds me of when they found all the problems last time and that is very difficult for me. Anyway, Megan had to work yesterday and go to school so I thought that I would be alone for the test.

Right as I was checking in I turned around and she was there. It was like a dream. My eyes welled up in tears and I took her hand. I am writing this because what I recall most from that moment was that she was wearing a very bright striped shirt and her eyes sparkled their brightest blue-green.

My point is that the best moments are the ones that you can look back at see again in full color. I'll never forget that brief second. She was there for me again and I appreciate her so much. This is all getting really hard on me but looking for the positive things in each situation makes it easier.

I hope that everyone out there is doing well. I'm going to pick up the white trash party pictures today and I will post some of them tomorrow. Take care and have a great day. Smile. Smile as much as you can!

Thanks again for all of the amazing photos!

Ruben, If you keep smiling I will too! I love how you see the future in your pictures, and that keeps you positive. I see the future in my kids, and that keeps me positive! My little guy was so happy that he beat mommy in a game yesterday, that I just couldn't stop smiling! That is my future! They are the greatest kids ever, they always find a way of making me smile, even if they don't even try! We will all continue to pray for you and Megan!

Megan sounds like an amazing woman that knows she has found an amazing man!! You were never going to be alone during your test Ruben--we were all going to be with you--your cheerleaders; your fans. Just remember--you're never alone. Bless you...

I am always impressed by your positivity. I admire your strength so much. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

That's such a great way of looking at these pictures.

OMG!!! Ruben is RIGHT! that picture set just made me feel SO ALIVE AND VIBRANT AND HAPPY! BEAUTY ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! even my 2 yr old son saw it and said: MOMMY NICE PICTAs ;) ......i'm so inlove with this set!!!!

Ruben am so glad Megan was there for you today, it is scary to do things like that alone,, keep thinking good thoughts and you keep smiling I love you so very much, Grams

The pictures were all beautiful! Megan sounds like such a wonderful woman. I love your positivity! We are all thinking about you.

Hello there Ruben - am stopping by and read your beautiful blog. It's very colourful and eccentric!!
I really admire your attitude towards life - you are so incredibly brave - it makes my fertility problems seemed little and silly.
You hang in there buddy - and I am so glad to read that you have people who loves you so much (and equally brave) to stand by you.

You are so right - every day counts. I am going to go home and give that husband of mine a big kiss tonight.

You take care for you - you are beautiful.

You continue to inspire me to be a better person and I Thank You for opening your heart, while opening my eyes!

My thoughts are with you every day, friend!

I am so glad Meg showed up for you! And, these pictures are amazing. You are so right in everything you say. THANKS FOR BEING YOU!

Another awesome Flickr Friday! I'm so glad Megan could be with you when you needed her!

Ruben, your posts always bring tears to my eyes. I hope you know what an inspiration you are to so many of us. thank you for sharing your positive outlook and energy with us.

take care,

It saddens me that often the only time I see the good is when I am in so much emotional pain that I search it out. Sometimes I am afraid to see the good because I fear that too much feeling good will bring a lot of bad just to "put me back in my place" of not being aloud to enjoy life. I am learning to not think like this anymore, but that feeling still rears it's ugly head often.

I feel the same way about photos. They can inspire so much in me.

what great pics! and you wrote such a beautiful post today. your words are inspiring, and i am so glad megan was able to be there yesterday!

Man, you spoke the truth about those dang CT's...it just the fact that you HAVE to do it, and what comes after. BUT, it will be okay no matter what the news. You are alive! In fact, you are more 'alive' than anyone I know, and that inspires me EVERY DAY, my friend.

I will remember to view the brightest, most vibrant pix i have the next time I feel sad. I will look at my photos of beautiful Mexico and remember how I felt being there...Each time I see my family, I will hug them a little tighter, a little longer...when I see a gorgeous sunset, I will pause and revel in it's beauty...and I will think of my friend, Ruben Porras, the bravest guy I've ever encountered.

My day just got better because of YOU! :)

Ruben, I am so glad Megan was able to be there for you yesterday. Thank you so much for bringing the positive, the colorful, the life, into what I know is so hard for you. I am praying for you!

a wonderful soul you have mr. porras.

This was beautifully wrtten Ruben. I wish you well.

I read it wrong and thought it said trashy pictures and was looking forward to them. ;)

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