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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 

Elvis, Pink Poodles and Milton

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Well here I am still posting so I must be alive! That is a good thing I suppose. Anyway, today has been another crazy day but I got through it. I am still having a good deal of pain in my lower back, abdomen and liver side but I am still up and moving.

I had all sorts of tests done today so hopefully the mystery will be solved soon. Last year when I was having trouble I ended up having major surgery and living in a hospital for a couple of weeks. I am not really in the mood to do that again so I will be trying to avoid that option.

In good news, Flickr Friday, The sequel was a hit! Thanks alot everyone for once again letting us peak into your private lives! There were some incredible photos submitted and a few people that we should worry about.

We have a guy out there who wants more than anything to be Elvis and we have a woman out there who has somehow dyed her little French Poodle pink. Yep...I said she dyed it pink! Proof is above! :-)

From race fans (Rachael) to professional landscapers (Big Bub from Arkansas) there was a little bit of everything mixed in and I really enjoyed it. Seriously folks, I usually have a feeling when something is really, really wrong with me and I am feeling that now. Maybe this time I will be wrong. Your kind words and inspiration are getting me by here and I thank you very much for that. You guys are making my days better and offering me the hope that I need to win this war!

Smile today! I am trying my best to do the same.

Love the pictures. This is a great concept! SMILE! :-)

Hey Ruby! :o)

(Oh boy, I hope you didn't hate that - I loved it - I love the gem and I love the word! I promise I'll never do it again though, if you did hate it........)

Looks like you got some fantastic stuff in for Flickr Friday this week - those snow pictures make me miss Alberta and its winters. I did take some pictures of the Sunshine Coast summer that I played in this weekend, but I just didn't make it to submit them in time. Maybe this week...

I really hope you're feeling better soon Ruben - keep feeding your spirit and the rest should pass in time. :o)

*Colgate Smiles*

my camera is with my brother.. and I wonder when he is returning it. Anyhoo, great to see you upbeat! Smile and the world smile with us!

Oh Ruben...my dear! I do so hope you get well....I know it's easy for me to say those words...and can't imagine your strife...you have a wonderful spirit and I hope it carries you through this rough time....you are a FANTASTIC INDIVIDUAL....may God be with you. and may your BODY KICK BACK INTO HIGH GEAR ASAP! MUAH! HUGS...so many for you! ps....it's ONLY PINK MOUSSE...it WASHES OUT and I DID NOT DO IT....my NIECE DID IT! ;)

It's so difficult to wait for test results, isn't it? I hope all is well. The pictures were great! I can't wait to send more in!

I love flickr friday. What a great idea this is. I really hope you start to feel better soon. Tests suck, but I hope they give you some answers. Sending you healthy vibes!

Ruben, you are being kept close in my thoughts! I'm praying for your good health!

Great shots, and great ideas! I waved 'HI' to you on Friday, as I drove through town. My worktruck ended up breaking down in Fresno. I agree, IT WAS HOT!

I'll be checking in to see how the doctor's visit turned out. I hope it leads to you feeling much better...

Another successful Flickr Friday! Great pics! Who's the hottie on the lawnmower? ;)

Hey R...glad to hear your Dr visit went okay. And to quote Monty Python's Flying Circus,"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". I love that song. *smile* Positivity rules.

Love the pics! If you do this again, I PROMISE to make time and submit some of my own. Thinking of you today...

great pics! hope you're feeling better today! :)

You have to be one of the sweetest people Ruben... I wish I had such courage as you do. You are truly an inspiration to us all! And even though I've never met you, I love you and wish you to have all the happiness in the world! I mean it though, you are such an inspiration!!! :-D

Will you be getting a transplant if one comes available??? I sure be praying for you. You know you're loved by many.

Thanks for the going to the Doctor. You know you probably have about a hundred extra mother's now. This photo idea is great, I love it and you're doing a fabulous job. I will try and contribute something soon.


Even though you don't feel good, you managed to get the Flickr Friday pictures up for everyone! You are so awesome! I wish I could snap my fingers and make you feel better. You are too beautiful a person to feel so much pain. You deserve all the great things life has to offer. And I hope one day soon, your gift of a painfree life will be offered. Until then, all I can do is continue to offer my prayers and healing vibes, every morning and every night I send them your way!

I sincerely hope you're so wrong Ruben. Thanks so much for the pictures and hang in there. All the best I can send you is on the way........

i love flickr fridays!!! YAY!!!

i really really hope you start feeling better soon and will be thinking of you during the AWFUL waiting period. ugh ....

I hope that you are wrong this time, Ruben.

Your pictures are amazing, it's cool that you have gotten so many people involved!

I hope you feel better.
Have a great day, Ruben!

Ruben sweetie, I hope you're ok. You have so many people praying for you, thinking of you, rooting for you....
chin up, we all love you!

Just wanted to stop and say hi. We are waiting to see what the doctors had to say. Please let us know how you are and what they have to say. Meanwhile, I hope you are feeling better today.

Hang in there Ruben!! We all know that your going to make it. I admire how much optism you have. Now that I'm back, I will soon be participating in flickr friday. As for the lady with the pink poodle...it's kind of cute. Really cute actually.

Checking up , will check back later to see the pics.
Take it easy though and don't worry of they don't get up right away.

Well this week I'm going to have to get off my bum and get some pictures sent it .. I just did one of these collages for my friend PC.

Very cool stuff!

Keep feeding that face, and keep the inches on that waist

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