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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

From Cookies to Hombres

Click the photo above to see it larger.

This post will be brief because I really feel crappy tonight. I'm not sure what the heck is wrong with me this time but I have no energy at all. I have felt this way off and on for about a month and it is driving me nuts! I also have zero patience and I know Meg is getting frustrated with me.

I am really sorry honey! I will be ok again soon!

I want to run and do jumping jacks or something but I can hardly get the energy together to get off the couch and go pee. Meg would be really mad if I wet the couch! When I feel this way I just want to sit and be a lump.

To see the slideshow of this week's images click here. I appreciate all the wonderful photos and I will post a new theme on Friday. If anyone has a theme idea please let me know.

So that is it. The end. No mas. Stay tuned and I will post again as soon as I feel a bit more perky. Don't give up on me yet. Smile today! :-)

... and you amaze me. Here I am feeling grumpy and you want to cheer me up when you're not feeling so hot yourself. How do you do it? Again, a star.

Great photos as usual. Hope you are feeling better soon! take care.

LOVE the photos, and sorry to hear you're feeling yukky. I agree with misplacedpom that you are amazing. Here you are feeling so miserable, and yet you're putting forth the effort to cheer us up by assembling photos. You can make up to Megan for your crabbiness tomorrow, when you feel better.

Get some rest - potty breaks are good. Don't sweat the rest. ahahhaaha Megan understands!

get some rest! watch 'I LOVE LUCY'! Bring on the funny movies! I bet you will feel better and if you happen to 'wet the couch', just blame those darn shows that make you laugh so hard!

I love these pictures, they always make me smile! I want the person with the $20's to call me, cause that is more money than I could picture at one given time! :) Impressive all!

Rent some funny flicks! You'll be back to yourself in no time! Great job on the pictures! We'll be praying for you to feel better quick! Hugs to you and to Meg! :)

How fun! I will show the girls!

Take care of yourself, OK? I know that's easy to say and hard to do, but at least try... (((((hugs)))))

Ruben, I won't be "giving up" on you at all, thanks very much! Now does that sound snotty or what?

great pictures! hope you get to feeling better....

Those three little hooded ghouls are freaking me out! Heh.
Look Rube, don't make Megan mad, k?
Pinch her butt and you'll BOTH feel better. Works for me!

Rubinus Prime...HA! That cracked me up!

Always a big thank you for including me!! Go fly a kite Ruben, read the blog to understand.

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