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Thursday, August 11, 2005 

Just some words...

I am feeling creative today. One of the reasons I started this blog was so that I could have a place to put some of the things that I enjoy writing. Let me see if I can come up with a story here...


There were just too many tears shed. Too many apologies. Too many words. There were just way too many fucking words and she didn't want to hear him speak anymore. All he ever said was that he loved her but she knew better. Maybe he used to love her. She may never know for sure.

There were times back so long ago when they would make love in the rain and get lost in vast cities. There was that one time in Mexico on the beach when he rescued her from robbers. For a moment he was her hero. Her savior. Her passion. She made that moment last as long as she could but the moment is over now and her bags are packed.

If he wakes she will be gone. It is all so cliche but she can't say goodbye because she has said it before and it never matters. He always makes her stay. She wants to write an angry letter and leave it to linger in his mind. She wants to write, "Fuck you for wasting my life! Fuck you for stealing my dreams! Fuck you for breaking my spirit!" But when her pen hits the paper she will only write, "Thank you for teaching me that I can be free. Thank you for teaching me to love. Thank you for showing me how to mend my own broken heart."

Tomorrow she will be a thousand miles away with a drink in her hand and a new sense of freedom. The sand will feel good between her toes and her head will be clear. There won't be email. There won't be telephones. He will never be able to find her.

She thinks of her new future and listens to the humming of the machines in the tidy white room. Everything smells so clean. Everything is so sterile. Her new life will start clean and sterile. That was the plan all along.

As she sets down the note a nurse comes in to change his sheets. She will never have to change his sheets at home again. She will never have to deal with him. She will be gone. If he ever returns from the coma he will be all alone. As she turns to leave the nurse asks when she will return. As she walks through the heavy wooden door she replies, "In my next life. I will be back in my next life."

That is all I have for now. I am so rusty. I need to just sit and write for hours like I used to. Take care today and stay in touch. Smile today! :-)

wow that was awesome! i love writing too, have u read my really long story? if your ever bored and want to read, check it out:


that's great, ruben! i had no idea you were this talented! i certainly hope you'll share more of your writing with us. you continue to amaze me. :)

Err, uh...are you reading my mind? I had those very thoughts at times in my life...usually I was with the wrong person, and felt I needed to 'run away'.

Very poignant and well-written. Have you ever thought about keeping a journal of your life? Sometimes just venting on paper helps me, and then going back to read later is eye-opening. I have actually gone back to read old entries, and swear that someone else wrote it. You can learn alot about yourself that way.

Peace on you today...I will have pics submitted tomorrow! Promise ;)

That was so great! I want to read the rest! :)

Me to Ruben,
I totally stopped writinig about 3 yrs ago.

Yours is great I hope you do get back into it, really!!!

As normal you blow me away! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your writing with us today.

God Bless... and I can't wait for more. :o)

Great story, Ruben. I hope you decide to sit down and write more. Whether you do or you don't we will all be here waiting to see what you write next. Hugs for you!

Great story!

You write beautifully. Truly. You do.

That was great! More, more!!

wow! that was wonderful!

Thank you for that wonderful story. I really enjoy the way you write. Take care of you. Hope you're feeling good today.

Great Stroy Rueben - love your site - thanks for stopping by mine. I'll definitely be back!

WOW! That was awesome!

Very powerful!

That was a great story...good job.

WE WANT MORE!!! please.

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