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Wednesday, August 03, 2005 

Memory Loss

I am not sure what the heck I did but I forgot to add these pictures to the Flickr Friday set. These were taken by Em and I feel really bad that I left them out. So Em, I am sorry. My mind has been lost!

While I am here I will update you guys on the health fiasco. The doctors now have my blood, urine and uh....well nevermind :-) They also have some fresh new x-rays to analyze and in exchange I get to take some new and exciting pills!

So that is the deal. I will let you know what else happens from here.

One more thing...Another Boy Scout was zapped to death by lightning today. Is it me or have the scouts done something wrong to piss off the gods of electricty? I just don't get it.

If you know a scout please get the little man to leave all his metal at home when he heads off to a scouting adventure. For the kids of this generation that includes all weapons and body jewelry including nipple rings. That also includes that goofy looking chain that kids attach to their pants and wallet so they look more like professional skaters, janitors, gang members and members of various punk bands.

In other news, Michael Jackson is moving the hell out of the U.S. and starting over in Bahrain, some guy in Iowa was busted for stealing hundreds of pairs of womens undies from a laundromat, and The University of Missouri is offering classes for teens on the fine art of making explosive devices. What is the world coming too?

One more thing... Tara Reid and Paris Hilton are trying very hard to be positive role models for our youth. Click here to see how they are doing! :-)

Have a great day folks! Smile!

I have an adder - go here to read the whole story:

Gist of it is... This year, here in BC, twenty Grade 10 & 11 students went to summer camp in July, where for two weeks they messed around with DNA and created antibiotic-resistant E. coli!

(Oh don't worry, it's not like they learned how to create E. coli with regular household fare - nope, they used the ever-handy "Let's Make E. coli" kit for the project!)

You just have to hope that whatever geniuses orchestrated this extra-curricular experience didn't scrimp when it came to choosing rubber gloves.......... EEK!!!

One of my best friends lives in Bahrain! (She's at Scarlett's Haven) I'll have to warn her!

Mmm. That ice cream cone is makin me hungry.

Me too. Make it a double! Vanilla please.

I hear you on the Scouts. Aren't they the ones who are supposed to "be prepared?" How 'bou "be aware" of their surroundings!

Thanks for the health update. I'll keep checking in, looking for news that you're feeling much better.

Still keeping you close in my thoughts. Heres to the MDs finding only good things.

As for the scouts...I was wondering the same thing. Bad year to be a scout. I would not even bother going on an outing at this rate!

Is this the end of days? What is the world coming to? Enough to make me consider being a hermit.

Glad you are feeling a little more *up* today.

I would rather read: 20 kids learn PEACEMAKING skills, bravely take those skills and create PEACE wherever they go.....

Taking off my rose colored glasses now......

Stay posisitve Ruben!

As for the scout, maybe they should have to get an Anti-Lightening Shock badge or something...(just a thought)

Oh no! Now we need someone to save us from Paris Hilton, and Tara Reid!!!

Still keeping you close in my prayers! :o)

Good post and love the pics. Hope you have a great day...


i have mega memory loss often...it's ok....those pics are GORGEOUS! tara reid is in deep need of rehab and the scouts, well it's a mystery......hope you are feeling better!!! so nice to see you post...always a pleasure! cheers. ;)

always a pleasure sir.....great pics...gorgeous!!! those scouts, poor things and tara reid is in need of some serious rehab! YO!

tara & paris are really some classy, classy girls. with saggy butts.

I was thinking the same thing about the Scouts. Plus there was a whole camp of them that got a form of food poisoning here earlier in the summer. It's a bad year to be a boy scout...

Hey thanks for visiting my site. I will be praying for you!!

That is too bad about the scouts...I wonder why??
I remember Michael Jackson saying he would leave the country if he was found innocent....good riddence! We dont want him anyways! Hm positive role models and paris hilton in the same sentence??? Who would steal undies at a landro mat?? LOL interesting stuff! Have a great day...TTYL

Was Tara doing her laundry at that Iowa laundromat?

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