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Monday, August 22, 2005 

Monday - 11:15-11:44 AM

The above image is one that I just found on Flickr. As you can see, I am feeling nostalgic for San Francisco again.

It is rapidly approaching noon here and I have putzed away the last four hours avoiding the speech that I am suppossed to be writing. I can feel the speech right on the top of my little brain but no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to force it out of my finger tips!

The weekend was decent around here. Yesterday was lazy and the highlight of the day was falling asleep on Meg in the middle of the afternoon and eating delicious take and bake pizza from the neighborhood pizza place. You know...I hate living here in Modesto and I write that often but I was telling Meg that if we moved we would have to find another 'hood as cool as this one. That would be hard at any price.

Within walking distance from our litte casa are:

Three Starbuck's

The best Mexican food in the world.
A gourmet grocery.
A regular everyday grocery.
Two Quizno's.
A little boutique that I love.
Jamba Juice.
Delicious pizza.
An 18 screen movie theater.
An independent film theater.
A ceramics studio.
Incredible Chinese food.
A few art galleries.
Great antique shops.
Our bank.
Hector's groomer.
Meg's seamstress.
The neighborhood corner store.
My hair salon.

What else could we ask for? I should be asking myself that!

Anyway, we went to a party on Saturday night at our friend Matt's house and had a great time. The best thing about Matt is that he is an artist and that he surrounds himself with amazing talent. Sure it was just a party but at the same time it was so much more!

Matt, the next time you have a party you need to call it, "Inspirationpalooza!" Check out the photography of the following party guests! They should all be famous!


I am excited about taking some new photos this weekend. Stay tuned for the results.

Well, I should get busy now. Noon is about to come around and smack me right in the head! Also, Flickr Friday submissions are coming together nicely. Thank you and keep on sending them until tomorrow morning. I will post them in the afternoon.

Have a great day! Smile!

Down the street from me I have a Big Jax gas station, a Subway to the left, and a Sonic to the right--ummm; that's it! Give me Mexican food and I'll give you heaven!!! Good luck with your speech Ruben--it'll come to ya!!

i like your flcker friday! i might start sending my pictures in.

I think I want to come and live with you guys- three starbucks and you don't even have to get in the car? Seriously you are lucky- if you forget to thaw out something for dinner sounds like you have a boat load of choices!!

Read a bunch of your posts. Loved the Teacher Megan one. We all need someone like that in our lives....

If I were you I would stay where you are, you have everything at your few footsteps.... also I looked at matt's pictures, they are awesome..... haven't looked at the others yet but I will later, have a good day, take care and God Bless and did I forget to mention that I love you very much..good luck with your speech friday

holy crap you have a lot of stuff near you! i have to walk a 1/2 hr just to get to a cheesey assed corner store! i'm jealous! ;)

i'll try to submit a photo...but mine are, er, um, not as good as yours. hugs.

just stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog, ruben! I really like your's too! and I agree with the other comments about you being lucky to be so close to everything. I have to drive 15 minutes to find a Starbuck's, and I thought that was doing good! LOL lovin' all the photos you have posted here. I'll be back! (I linked ya!) :)

Oh man - I think the other post that you did that cracked me up almost as badly as the yard work one was the one where you admitted your addiction to Starbuck's.

No Starbuck's in my nabe but we do have a fabulous communist/socialist/anarchist coffee shop & independent bookstore that's got really good coffee and pastries (for which they cheerfully charge, and I cheerfully pay, sensibly capitalistic prices, the kids that run it are adorably idealistic but they are also pretty smart!) plus they have cool events. Stopped by there for an iced tea with a friend the other day only to find that they were setting up for a reading by the founder of Air America (the liberal talk-radio station).

Where is the sushi place?
That is the only thing missing from my point of view. ;)
Rather go to an individualy owned coffee shop too, I hate it that Starbucks is so pervasive.

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