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Monday, August 29, 2005 

People amaze me...

I am constantly amazed by the amount of love that I get from the blog community. There are people out there that I have never met who are praying for me and thinking about Megan and that really blows me away. I have received so many kind words and they are all very special gifts.

Today however I was incredibly touched by a gift that I received in the mail. All I ever get in the mail is junk mail and bills but today I received a pretty shiny blue envelope and all the return address said was "Cece."

I thought to myself..."I know that name!" That is the that woman in Texas with the really cute new hair cut! Was she offended by my words? Is this a package bomb?" Ok...that thought never did actually did cross my mind...that was just a lame attempt at humor!

When I opened the package I found all sorts of incredibly inspirational things from The Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan Del Valley National Shrine in San Juan, Texas. There were photographs like the one above and charms and these gifts really warmed my heart.

You see...I am fighting so hard right now. I am lucky enough to be able to share my words with my readers and now I have expanded into real life audiences and that is turning out to be very rewarding. People that know me from my past when I was a much different person would probably not believe that I am trying to be so positive. But I am. I have become so focused on my recovery and trying to help others and I love it!

I am coming to the point where I believe that I may have found my calling and I love it. Today I started school again and it was amazing how many people walked up to me and said, "I saw your speech last Friday. It moved me. You are an inspiration." Every single time that I hear that I want to cry. I want to win this battle and spend the rest of my life explaining to people that they can win their battles. Life is a hard deal but it's not impossible.

I wrote this post today to say thank you to Cece from the bottom of my heart and I will do that now...

I will treasure these wonderful gifts and keep them very close to me at all times. Thank you for encouraging me to fight this war! Thank you for sharing photographs of your beautiful family and for having such a huge heart! You are a very special person with the ability to touch others with your thoughtfulness. Thank you my friend. Thank you very much!

I would also like to send out positive thoughts to all the people that are dealing with the storms caused by Hurricane Katrina. I wish that I could volunteer to go there and help clean up or whatever. We just had a family friend move to New Orleans and we are hoping that he is safe today!

Click here to visit Cece's World! You will be addicted!

One more thing...I will post Flickr Friday images tomorrow. Please keep sending them in! I love the ones that I have received so far! Smile today everyone!

That's what life is about all right--people taking time for people--there's no substitute for it!

Oh Ruben that is so AWESOME!!! CeCe that was so sweet of you. You truly are an inspiration. I pray for you constantly and love reading your updates whether uplifting or a gloomy day! I am so glad that your blog and you have crossed paths with mine. :o) Keep simlin' :o) Hi to Megan as well... :o) BTW when is the wedding :o) Feel better soon...


It was...well...I wanted you to know that when I say I'm going to light a candle and pray for you...I do. You may have already read the history on the Basilica so you know that it is a place of healing. It was important to me to go there for you. I'm glad you liked the gift. REALLY glad. Now stop making me cry! : P

aww...cece, that is too sweet. ruben, you truly are an inspiration. No one would blame you for being pessimistic, but you always try to smile eand make each day count!

That is so sweet. No pictures from me today. :( Next week for sure.

I love that image, it is wonderful. Glad to hear that things are ok with you. I have been out of the loop for a couple of days and I missed all my online friends.

That is wonderful!

That is awesome, go her.

Way cool! That's really neat. You are obviously touching people :-)

thank you


Me and my husband met you in Starbucks about a week ago and I just wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful personality, and I am so glad that we met such a strong person. My brother's home is in New Orleans. All we have to do is pray and hope that our family and friends are safe. God bless you, cause you are a wonderful person.

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