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Thursday, August 04, 2005 

Real Beauty and Itchy Bums!

Ok...Ok... Work with me on this one! You may be thinking, "Ruben must be really sick. The poor guy has finally lost his marbles!" But that is not the case my friends! My marbles are firmly in place! I am lucid! My mind is clear.

Trying to figure out why on earth I have posted the above pic? Because that is real beauty. Well, the hairy thin man with the funny drawers is not really my type but the girl...

That girl has that crazy punk, nerdy chubby look going on and I like it. Most of all she is not afraid to say, "World, this is me in my big ass bikini in all of my chunky splendor!" I like confident women and I don't see many as confident as this girl. She was at The Pride Festival this year in San Francisco.

There is a reason that I am writing this...

Dove (famous for lotions, soaps and shampoo) has come up with a campaign that displays real women. There are no 85 pound Lindsay Lohans or 37 pound Nicole Ritchies! These are real women that were found at real places!

So, if you see a chubby Mexican guy in San Francisco drooling over a lifesize billboard of one of these Dove girls just tap me on the shoulder and say hello. It will be nice to finally meet you! :-)

Read more about the Dove ladies here.

Also...here is the important news of the world today:

A crazy guy made up a story about killing a hitchhiker and burying the body to make his wife leave him. Read the story here! This is hilarious!

Jessica Alba seems to be in need of some powder or ointment! She seems to have developed an itchy ass. See the proof here.

So have a good day out there! I am trying to keep my head up and deal with all of my insanity. I feel better today and I will stay positive. No test results yet.

Smile today! Tomorrow is Flickr Friday!!!!

love those new dove ads! it's nice to see at least one page of real women in a magazine.

I totally agree with you! They both look great, although I favor the little pirate flag poison emblem on the guy over the boa on the girl. Very nice, and I think the new Dove campaign is brilliant. Love it!

Glad you're feeling better today and keeping that positivity.

Wow Jessica Alba has a nice......tan. Lucky! (said in the voice of Napoleon Dynamite)

Hi Ruben.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I really dig yours. :o) I read some of your blog and I have to say I really admire your outlook on life. Its hard to imagine what you must be feeling or going through, but I can only hope the best for you.

I hope you don't mind, I'm linking you! :)

confucious say... jessica alba go to sleep with itchy ass....wake up with smelly finger.


I love how you notice beauty in ANY case! lol

I'm also glad that FiNaLlY it's coming around that REAL women don't weigh 2 lbs! =)

I wish I was that confident in my huge bikini, feather boa, and thick glasses. Maybe jessica had sand in her bathing suit. Otherwise, she might want to get that looked at. lol.

my gal friend is one of the chosen!!! The DOVE ads are everywhere in Singapore.

Its about time somebody got real about real women.

I am so happy about the Dove adds and so happy that you understand the concept. I should have known that you would. :)

Glad you're feeling better.....
now bring on the mission!
Camera batteries are charged.

Glad you're felling better Ruben, those pics are awesome.

I think you could teach most men a thing or two, Ruben.
And I gotta agree with you, the chick in the photo is hot.
You gotta love a chick who says this is me, love it...or fuck off!

I can't believe that guy went that far to get away from his wife...what ever happened to leaving to get a six-pack of beer and never coming home???

A man that see a women's real beauty! I love it! Contrary to my mother's belief, beauty nor happiness come packaged in a size 6. I love seeing REAL women in ads. Great post!

Mmmm....Jessica Alba is hot....itchy ass and all.

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