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Friday, August 26, 2005 

The Speech/Flickr Friday

I did it! I got through the speech and I feel so great about it! Megan was in the audience as always and I even got a standing ovation! I just poured my heart out to the people in that auditorium and I hope that they took something away from there!

The best moment of the day came after the speech when I was approached by a woman when I was speaking on my cell phone to my Grandma. I flipped open my phone and my Grandma heard the woman tell me that she had read an article that I had written and that it had changed her life. She has a three year old autistic son and she said that reading about my battle made it easier for her to live through hers.

A note to my Grandma: I love you Grams! I am so glad that you heard that. That was a very special moment in my life and to share it with you made it so much sweeter!

Let's make Flickr Friday a real challenge this week! The theme is based on the great shot above submitted by the lovely Shannon of The Cassady Family in Seattle, WA USA.

In the photo there are three beautiful kiddos. Please send me photos that contain three items in them. It can be a photo of three kiddos if you want or it can be a photo of three horses, three flowers or three chocolate bars. How creative can you be? I will be in Lake Tahoe, CA this weekend with family and I will shoot submissions then.

Please send submissions to: ruben@eachdaycounts.com and please put Flickr Friday in the subject line. It would be great to have photos before Tuesday morning.

Thank you for all of your encouraging words. You all helped make my speech today come to life and you have made my life so much easier to deal with. You are with me at every doctors appointment and you will be with Megan and I when we get married.

Smile today folks! I am really, really happy today! Thank you all for making that possible!

nice idea....i'll try to submit.
have fun in TAHOE!

Ruben, First, cute kids! You just blessed my heart when I opened your page. Almost brought a tear and definitely got a gasp! My kids on your site! Wow! We are honored, thank you, thank you!! Second, we all knew your speach would go great and continue to inspire others. Now only if you were convinced before you went up. Third, TGIF!! Have a great weekend and RELAX, you too Megan! Thanks again for using the Cassadays! Hugs.

I have a picture of a threesome that would make you smile. hehe

great job dude!!

glad the speech went well, we all know what an inspiration you are, and I'm glad that you got to share it will people outside of blogland.

Yay!! I'm so glad everything went great for you while you were giving your speech. I'm sure you were an inspiration to every single person in the room.

I love standing o's, they are the best!

I'm so glad your speech went well. Flickr Friday is a very high point of my weekend. You're truly the best.

We may be miles apart from each other, but we're always right beside you in spirit, don't forget that. Have a great weekend!

Congratulations on the speech. How wonderful to have someone tell you that you have made a difference, and defiantely sweeter when someone like grandma overhears! SSSSWWEEEET! Have a great weekend!

ooops! DEFINITELY, not defiantely! LOL!

I will be working on my photo. I am so glad that the speech went good- we all knew it would!! Have fun and a great weekend!!

Thank you Ruben I love you too, always have and always will, I am glad you called after your speech, it was very heart warming to hear the ladies words...she is fighting a battle too with her son being autistic and my heart goes out to her too.. My only wish is contentment and love in this family, it is out there for us and all we have to do is reach out and grab it, it is there for us.. I love you, Grams and God Bless

Yay Ruben!!! Hooray! You are an inspiration to all. So glad your grams got to hear it.

That's GREAT about your speech. So cool!

I sent a couple of pictures, use what you can if you like them. I like the one you posted today.

Take care.

I was in the audience in the auditorium (behind the video camera) and I think you touched the heart of everyone there. I will burn you a DVD of your amazing speech.

Ooh, that'll be a tough one. We'll see what I can rustle up!

Hey bro, glad to hear that your speech went well. I knew it would, you have a lot of inspiration to share with folks. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Take care.

Congratulations on the speech!

I knew you would be FANTABULOUS!!!!!!

CONGRATS on the speech! YEAH!!!!

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