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Friday, August 19, 2005 

That one special shot....

I am such a slacker! Here it is Flickr Friday and I am just posting. I have been pretty busy lately and when I'm not I seem to just fall alseep at strange times. The rest is good for me but it worries me a bit. My body is seriously lacking in motivation lately.

I have posted the above photo before but I still consider it to be my personal favorite. I like the way that I was able to fade the background and I like the angle but most of all I just love the subject. I want to get to this man's age and when I do I want to look as cool as he does!

That is my subject for this week. Show me that one shot that you are most proud of for one reason or another. Maybe it is the one that you swear should win every photo contest on Earth or maybe it is just a picture that makes you feel a certain way.

When I shot this, the man and I actually traded photos. He took one of me with his antique Polaroid and I had this one printed for him off my digital. It was two generations coming together for the same purpose and I thought that was a great moment in time.

So if I am around when I am about 70 come to Mexico City and check out my groovy threads and let me snap your pic. I won't be wealthy but I will be happy and alive and enjoying every second.

Please send your photos to me via email or just send me a link to them to:

I can't wait to see what you see. I really enjoy this Flickr Friday thing. You all take amazing shots and I appreciate very much that you play along.

Have a great weekend! Dance! Play! Sing! Smile!

Make each day count!

What a great pic!

The photographer gets his picture taken ....I like it.

Hmm... okay, gotta find that perfect shot! :)

I like the picture of the old man in Mexico, it is one of your best pictures...they are all good but for some reason I really like this.. you do a great job taking pictures and you should put some of the girls on here for all to see, your friends would like that and so would I. I love you and you take care and be blessed, Grams

Dammit! I already sent you my favourite pictures for the last Friday Flikr, the ones of the fish and the Golden Gate... Now I'll have to go trawling through my collection to find some other goodies!

The sleep thing, I know what you mean.. my head says STUDY!!!!! my body says zzzzzzzzzz..... Bad body, I'll totally balme it if I don't get in to Grad School.

Tina :o)

Wonderful picture

That's a really great people picture Ruben, I like it too. Came out beautifully.

I love this picture! It made me smile. Thanks for visiting my blog and I encourage you to continue visiting. I will return here for sure!

Ruben, you will be wealthy well over 70! Can't wait to comment on your blog then, either! I am positing a few favorites of my kids over the next few days, check them out! :)

Ugh .. I don't think I have one .. I better start taking more pictures! :)

Great pic the contrast between the old and the new- love the symbolism too. Also, I think it is a cool shot!

I thought I left a comment yesterday but don't see it. I said that I would really like to sit down for a chat with this gentleman.....or a chat with you, alas neither one will prolly ever happen, but one can always hope. I'll bet you both have some interesting stories to share.

I LOVE this pic,
and I love that guy's hat!

rueben- exactly what kind of pics are you looking for? family photos? portraits? landscapes?

I have a ton of pics.....just let me know.

Have a great day!!!

I love his blue shirt against his tanned skin....great contrast!

Sorry, I'm a delinquent again this week. I'll shoot for THIS Friday.

Love ya, toots...hope you get the ole' speech done soon...yuk.


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