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Friday, August 05, 2005 

Viva la sliding guy!!!

Hello bloggers! Today is the day...the day of the week that I have grown to enjoy the most!

Today is Flickr Friday!

This week will be sort of different because I actually received some entries last night before I posted the theme. Roberto from "Running the border. In more ways than one." will be our official guest theme guy this week! Roberto is Elvis from last week!

Roberto sent in the first three photos above and I loved them. I spent my morning scouring my pics to match up with his theme and it actually worked.

Here are the theme shots for this week:

1.) Have someone take a photo of you playing! This is an awesome idea! Do something crazy! Let your heart and mind sink back to the playground! Have fun but please, please don't get arrested like I did in the above photo! I don't have enough cash to bail you guys out but maybe Roberto does! This could all work out!

2.) For the second image, capture the innocence of youth! Roberto captured this chubbly little mariachi player and my image is of a little boy in Mexico City trying his hardest to manage his snack collection! Again, don't get arrested snapping this shot! You are not kidknappers people! Snap the photo where the kid stands! Do not move the kid! :-)

3.) Have you ever seen a really strange tree? I have two in my collection. The one I posted above looks as if it is made of plastic. Robert's tree cannot seem to figure out which way it wants to grow! Clearly, it is a man tree and there are sexy female trees on either side of it!

Can't you just hear that tree saying, "Oh baby those are some sexy needles and your is sap is just killing me!"

Wait a minute, am I the only one here that can hear trees speak? That is odd!

Please email me your photos or a link to them at ruben@eachdaycounts.com.

I will post images on Tuesday as usual. I will say one more time that there are no rules. Use new pics or old ones, dirty ones or clean ones, big ones or little ones. If you don't have time to get them all in just send one. If you have 20 that fit, send them all!

As for me, I am doing ok out here. Still no test results but I am going to rage head on into the weekend. I will be attending a record release party for my favorite band tonight in Sacramento (maybe I will see Ahnold!) and tomorrow I am going to a trade show in San Franciscio with the company that Meg works for.

Sunday and Monday will probably find me passed out on the couch! Have a kick ass weekend and have fun! Make someone happy! Smile! Play! Hug someone that looks lonely!

You guys are helping me live! Thank you so very much! And thanks again Roberto!

This sounds like fun! I so want to play. :)

So, um, does anyone else find themselves wondering what the discussion between the talking tree and the the talking chihuahua might sound like?

heh heh heh...

Those are awesome pictures. My favorite is that little mariachi boy. SOO CUTE!! Dangit! I'm with Veronica, I soo want to play. I need to just break down and buy a digital camera. I'm loving Flicker Friday.

I'm beginning to LUV Flickr Friday! :)

Okay next week, I'm back in.

a really great idea ruben!!

those are so totally cool.

the little chubby kid is absolutely adorable!!!

wishing u well always ruben...i'm sorry i missed this, been so busy. next week i'll play, but what an awesome idea this pic post is....can't wait to see the results. muchos besos par ti.

hey buddy, hope all is well.

Ruben, please don't excommunicate me yet....I will send some pix THIS FREAKIN' FRIDAY, or face the shame. Love em! I'm sending MY real mariachi pix de Mexico this Friday, so get ready mi amigo.

Thx for visiting my blog! Love yours! It is great to take time out & be a kid again-oh wait-i practically still am! The Dove campaign strikes my fancy-beautiful is inside & as long as it's there it also shows outside. Beauty can be seen in a size 2 girl (why is that the size most use to exhibit tiny girls?) or in a size 14 girl.

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