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Wednesday, August 17, 2005 

The White Trash Fiesta

(Click image for larger view - Have fear!)
As promised here are the exciting pictures from our white trash adventure. As you can see by the photo in the lower right corner, Megan and I have perfected the fine art of white trash lovin'! We are so proud of ourselves! We are in the process right now of writing a how to book for kids! Madonna thought her books for children did well! Ha!

Our series which will be titled, "Raisin' up some proper youngins" is going to sell out all over the world! We will be famous! We will be rich! Spam and spray cheese all around! We can afford it baby! Watch your back Wizard Boy! You know who I'm talkin' about!

Anyway, the party was fun and really got me thinking about some things in a whole new perspective. For instance, I was at Home Depot today and I saw a truck with balls (nuts, scrotum) attached to it's hitch. Apparently the man driving wanted to people to know that his truck had balls. Why the hell would someone do such a thing? I am thinking about snapping up a pair for my Toyota Matrix! Ok...maybe not.

So that is it folks! We went and sat on hay bales, Megan drank, people puked, beer floated in the hot tub and we watched as people that we will probably never see again gorged themselves on Meg's Mac n Cheese with Weiners!

One more thing...This post would not be at all complete without the greatest white trash love song ever! Please take three minutes to listen to this Brad Paisley classic! It will do you good! Especially you guys out there. This one could save your relationship fellas! :-)

Click here for Ode De Toilet!

Click here to watch the white trash party slideshow while you listen!

Mac n Cheese with Weiners..... hilarious!

oh my gosh!!! those pics are SO funny!! glad you guys had fun and perfected some redneck lovin. YEEEE-HAW!!!

Oh my. I live in white trash central. I could have given you pointers. I remember the time my son in junior high came home and asked why I had never fed him spam sandwiches or hamburger helper. I am a bad mom. LMAO. My neighbors truly sit on the front porch and play their electric guitars and drink beer on saturday night. Or go mud riding on four wheelers. Their trucks are worth more than their trailers. And yes, there is a truck in the neighborhood with balls. Blue balls no less. Maybe it needs a nice car to date. I have the only vehicle in the neighborhood not sporting my nascar driver choice (not that I have one). I am a freak out here. But I kind of like it. :)

Those pictures areso funny! Looks like y'all had a wild time!

THAT LOOKS SO FUN! Y'all look great. Um, I mean trashy!!

OH and I got your message... 71646 is the zip... Silly Ruben!

I like spam...thank you for visiting my site. I really enjoyed reading yours.

I think I should have a white trash themed party for my graduation next june. I'm from Tennessee/Kentucky and I know how to "GETrDone".

Looks like ya'all were having a fine time.!!

what's sad is i've been to parties that looked exactly like that and had no theme

ooh PBR, that reminds me of many drunken nights playing touchy porn in Oregon! Not exactly Redneck central, but it's the closest I've ever been. I like the crocodile picture the best.

Tina :o)

i'm totally down with this!!! i dig dig dig it! you guys ROCK HARD! u two look like a hoot! i wish i cud party with you....wishing you well....i'll let u both star in my white trash porn video i'm making! k? k.

It's amazing how much your "white trash party" is like every one that I've ever been to. I even have an crocodile picture of my own. It looks like y'all had a good time!

OMG, is all I can say.

How funny!!!! What's really bad is in Arkansas that's what most of the parties look like without trying! Looks like ya'll had a great time!!

Hot damn! That looks like it was fun!

too bad that looks like thanksgiving dinner with my inlaws.
I will buy your book- although I swore when I moved to Texas never to get the accent or loose my "northern ways" It did not take too long.

And sadly you look like many MANY of my neighbors. (no I am not joking). whimper. I hate living in the south!

Looks like that was on helluva party! :-)

OMG, can't think of a thing to say execpt, hahahahahahaha, I love you both!!!! Take care.

That picture is too funny!

HILARIOUS! yall look great and like you're having the best time. looks like a blast!

wtf. Dude I don't think that's very politically correct. It is hilarious though. The truck driver with the scrotum on the hitch. What an image.

Oh. My. God. That is the best theme ever. I'm totally stealing it.

I never thought I would see the day when such an event would actually transpire.....ROTFFLMFAO!!!!!

That is the funniest shi** I have seen in a loooooong time! The Pabst, the Spam, the hot tub...it's all too much. Next time, throw in a few cans of Milwaukee's best, and you will be cooking with hot grease, trust me.

Note: Tell the dude with the cut-offs on...he should wash them after cutting and before wearing to achieve the maximum trashiness...they must be frayed as hell to be convincing.


BTW, love the tongue pick, heeheehee!

p.s. next time, hand out fly swatters as party favors...lmao!

So, so .so sorry. You do have the right additude though. Gives the rest of us folks a lot of hope. A friend of mine had bladder cancer. Someone she met suggested trying marijuana. She had been told she had only a few years left to live. Marijuana helps her pee. She couldn't have the urge otherwise and it would be very dangerous to keep toxic wastes in her body. I am not sure how long she has been in remission now. But it's been something life 8-10 years, that I know of so far. But I know its been a lot longer than that. The doctors were very shocked about her recovery. A lot of it has to do with attitude too. She does not waste anymore time; she has way too much she wants to do, such as song writing, playing guitar. Beautiful music even without a perfect voice.

I don't know about the liver transplant, though, if it is better to wait until that happens before you try the marijuana,. Maybe get some opinions from somewhere. If you don't smoke it already and decide to try it - it might even be enjoyable. I don't do marijuana, personally. Tried it though. (But I didn't inhale though ---ha ha ha Clinton).

I'm gonna go through ups and downs aren't I?

I couldn't stop laughing at this!! White trash fiesta .. omg .. I'm going to need to have a annual one.

Love the "ode to the toilet" song! 'Cuz nothing says 'I love you' like putting that toilet seat down. I think this song really will save my marriage! :)

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