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Friday, August 12, 2005 

Your true colors....

It is Friday! Is it me or does it seem like the days are flying by faster and faster lately? It has been a month since I started Flickr Friday and it is putting along nicely so lets do it again!

This time will require an eye for colors. Please send one or more of your most colorful images. I could use a little brightness right now. Cheer me up! :-) Send photos or links to photos to ruben@eachdaycounts.com.

I hope that everyone has a nice weekend planned. I am going to a white trash theme party tonight with Megan and I have my John Deere t-shirt all wrinkled and ready to go. Now if I can only find my damn trucker cap! I am not sure what to expect from this party but I am sure that it will be fun. Anything to focus my mind off health crap is sure needed right now.

In other news I owe all my readers a HUGE thank you! I met with a couple of folks that I know today and I was given a speaking gig and a contract to sign! So I will be able to talk about my crazy life in front of about 400 people and share some of my photos. The theme of my speech will be, "Each Day Counts!"

This would not be at all possible without all of you and your beautiful comments! Thanks team! One more thing about the speech... Just in time for all the co-pays and doctors visits for my new round of testing...I will be paid $500.00 for my performance! This will help us out alot right now!

So that is where I am at today. I am still madly in love, still fighting the good fight and still keeping my head as high above the depression water line as possible. The sun is shining! Hector is playful! Meg is gorgeous! I am alive! Life could not get much better!

Smile today folks and have a great weekend!
Thank you so very much for being in my corner! You guys could all be pro cheerleaders! Think about Meg, Ginger, Ce Ce and Big Hev in sexy cheerleader costumes. Hmmm...Did I say Big Hev? Maybe I have some unresolved issues :-)

I have some friends that I really need to bring to your white trash party. I hope you have a great time and a great weekend. Congrats on your speaking engagement.

I'll always be in your corner cheering for you!!!! Remember before you got sick, when Lauren tried to teach my fat ass how to cheerlead in our kitchen??? Do you remember me in all my 300 pounds jumping and trying to do mid-air splits with pom-poms in both hands???? God that was hilarious! I guess I owe my efforts now to a good teacher. You know, her little heart still cheers for you too.

Remember later that night when you tried to convince me to do all that same shit naked?!?!? Ha Ha! I miss us being that playful.

Always will be right here in your corner Ruben. Have a great weekend !!

Congratulations on your gig! That is great news! I absolutely Love the pictures you posted for Flickr friday. The colors are amazing! I hope you have a great time at your "white trash" party! Sounds like it will be a blast. I am smiling big, just for you! As always, sending you over my very best vibes! Hugs for you!

you know i'd look good in stretchy stuff dude. i wouldn't mind seeing cece in one of those little outfits though, fo sho!!:)

You know, I'm pretty sure just about every party I've been to could be have been themed "white trash." I know I've worn my camo t-shirt more than once. lol. Congrats on your speaking gig!

That is so great about your speaking gig! Will it be local? I am a So. Cal resident you know....When will it be?

A white trash themed party. Can it get any better than that??!!

Ooopppsss! Sorry, I didn't mean to post anonymously to that first comment. I hope you don't have that same memory with some anonymous poster!

Love the colors. i've been gone most of the week and have a killer work weekend hopefully I can send one. You fight the good fight please.
Love those colors.

Last night I played ghetto golf with my co-workers. I golfed nine holes wearing my aviator glasses, cigarette hanging out of my mouth and swigging coor's light beer. I burped a couple of times, the guys two holes behind me cheered every time.

Have fun at your party, rock on R.

The white trash party sounds awesome!
I want to have one now.

Congrats on the gig...I can't think of anyone better to do it than you!

OH! I love the idea of this one!!

Mmmm. BigHev in a flouncy short skirt with his buttcheeks hanging out...

wrinkled John Deere t-shirts are a way of life down here. Ginger's too cool to be a cheerleader, she's a danceline girl

"Oh Wow" were my first words when I came to your blog. Such beautiful pictures! I look forward to reading your past posts! (When I'm not cruising around in my new Xterra!)

I love the photos - the colors are absolutely fantastic!
Thanks for visiting my blog - I've added your link to mine and will be checking in to see how you are doing!

Love the pictures! Thanks for stopping by and reading about The Cassadays! I will visit often, you are in my prayers! Have a great weekend , you are an inspiration to us all!

You'll have to let us know how that white trash party worked out, hope you had fun. Congratulations on your new speaing gig...you have a lot to offer.

Such fab pictures! You're blog is GREAT!
Thanks for stopping by mine! Hope you'll be back!

awesome awesome awesome.......i've been busy as hell and under the weather, me babes too, so i'll catch up with y'all soon...take care Ruben, hope u r doing well. xo

I wanted to come to the white trash party!!! I have a black John Deere shirt with the green/yellow logo complete with purex stains. I would've looked so cool!! P>A>R>T>Y Ruben!!!!!

Hope the party was fun....

Congrats on your speaking gig. How fun and great is that? I am sure you will be an inspiration.

Hope the party was fun! That's a neat theme, I'll have to remember that.

I love those pictures :-) I'll have to watch next Friday and see what you're looking for then!

CONGRATS! i am so excited about your speaking engagement. you will do an awesome job...those people are so lucky to get to hear your amazing story.

I miss your visits... Stop by and see me when you come to Dale Road.... I love your pictures.... Hang in there!!

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