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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 


Ok...just by looking at the photo here you probably have just figured that I have gone a bit crazy (a wee bits nuts for all my Irish readers.) I often wonder if I have any Irish readers. I mean...my Mom is part Irish I guess so that counts I suppose. But I wonder if anyone ever actually logs on from The Emerald Isle.

If so...I'd like to personally thank you for giving birth to U2, Damien Rice (who sort of resembles a leprechaun to me) and The Frames who are hands down the best damn Irish Band ever! Sure U2 has sold a billion records but they have never been able to convey the strength and emotion that The Frames can. If you have never listened to a track by The Frames, click here. This will play an amazing song called, "What Happens When the Heart Just Stops?"

Anyway...let me get to the point here. The bomb photo was meant to mean something. I need to blow this site apart a bit and make some changes. I just feel sort of stagnant lately. Maybe it needs a new look or just better organization. I just don't know.

I want to continue expressing myself and using the site to find myself in a way but I also want to be able to provide more music and humor. Any ideas would certainly be appreciated. Maybe I should walk away from Blogger and go to Movable Type or another service that is more versatile.

Let me know what you think please. Also, I feel good today. I slept terrible last night but for some reason I am happy today and semi-energetic and that feels great. I am having some more stomach cramping and burning and if it continues I will call the doctor. I will be fine.

Smile today folks! :-)

I love it the way it is. But if you would feel better changing it than I can hardly wait to see what you do. What floats your boat. What toots your horn. Whatever tickles your fancy! (That one has always been my favorite...tickled fancies ;) )

I'm interested in learning about all the other publishers, but I hate to change once I've mastered one! haha.

I'll follow your blog wherever it goes, Ruben! :) Glad you got some rest.

I'm computer code illiterate. I stick with blogspot's basic design's because I don't kow anything about how to change it or the extra stuff. My son is learning HTML in school and eventually will take a javascript class....I'm so jealous cuz I already feel stupid.

I think whatever you do to your site is great, as long as it makes you happy. I like this design, but it is a bit slow to load sometimes (but then again, I'm on dial-up). I think being able to add all your goodies on the page directly would be awesome!

I have some Irish ancestry too, Ruben! :)

I really enjoy your blog, and will continue to read it wherever you decide to go with it!

doll face whatever u do is cool...just make your self happy, change is good...but please make sure i know how to reach u. cuz although i may not comment all the time....my compi is just shitty and slow, but i always like to keep in touch! muah!

Do what works for you, the rest of us will roll with it :-D

This website needs more killer robots

I have been thinking the same thing, but I'm just not sure what it needs. Maybe moving to another source is the key in finding the right template? I don't know but if you figure it out let me know!

Do what you need to do, just keep us informed if you move. I would SO miss reading!

There's nothing like having a well put together blog. When I set my blog up I spent a bit of money having it professionally designed. Almost a year later (oh dear. has it really been that long?) I still get compliments on a regular basis on the layout, and I still get a big smile on my face when it pops up on the screen.

As for blogging platform, I think that it really is a personal preference. Whether you use Blogger, MT, TypePad, or WordPress . . in the end there is little difference to the reader. That means you need to do some research.

Go to your favorite blogs. You know, the ones that have awesome layouts that really turn you on. Write down what features that *you* can see that you like. Maybe send an email to the person who owns that blog to ask their opinion on the platform they are using.

You might also write down a wish list of features you don't have that you'd like to have. Then ask people who are using different platforms if they can do those things.

I don't know if you're looking to design your own template, but if you're looking for someone to do it there are several great places you can get it done. I have two I recommend on a regular basis. The first is Bonafide Style (http://www.bonafidestyle.com/). Julie did my template and I got the best of service. It is a tad pricey, but not out of the ballfield (depending upon your pocketbook). The other is a lot less inexpensive, and much of the proceeds go to charity. Blog Togs is a newer endeavor, but their style shows (http://www.blog-togs.com/). You couldn't go wrong either way.

Lots of advice for a first visit I guess. Good luck. I can't wait to see what you decide to do.


If you want to add music, and you want to stick with your theme of *kaboom*, play Soundgarden "Blow Up the Outside World". Chris Cornell is awesome, and he wails on this one.

Looking forward to seeing your changes...I know whateve it is will be awesome! I haven't been sleeping too well lately either, so I feel ya...but today is okay, and I'm smiling! Have a good one, R :)

I know the feeling. I wish I could change my design all the time....Can't wait to see what you do!

I think the blog looks good this way, but I know sometimes you just need some change. I feel you on the whole feeling stagnant lately, blogging hasn't come easy to me lately. Hope you're doing well, take care bro.

Hi Ruben! You know when you find the best design or new blog home it won't matter because we will all follow you over. :o) Glad to hear you are feeling better! Keep us posted.

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