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Sunday, September 11, 2005 

The Piss Machine/Crash

I stayed home this weekend and Megan went up the hill to do the spa thing alone with her family. It turns out that I needed to stay although I did not know it at the time. About a half hour after she left I grabbed the trusty old iPod and the trusty old pooch and we decided to walk around the block. We had about 45 minutes of Hector pissing on things and the iPod cord getting caught up in the leash and then our little mission was over.

One question - Are there any dog experts out there? If so, why is it that pooches lift their little legs to mark their turf when nothing comes out? If there are 30 trees our little man runs out of piss at about 6 and just keeps on lifting. It drives me crazy!

Anyway...after the walk I went to the local Mexican food place and grabbed up some grub and then I headed back home and ate. At 5:00 I realized that I was feeling a bit sleepy so I decided to lay down in bed and catch part of the hurricane relief concert/fundraiser.

The last time I looked at the clock it was 5:21. I woke up later and grabbed my cell phone to check the time and it was 8:34. I was pretty happy with myself. No sleeping meds and I napped for three hours! Then reality struck. It was light outside. Hmmmmm......

I slept for 15 hours with no sleeping medicine. My body must have been pooped.

Last week I woke up every day early to try to be productive and it seemed to work. Little did I know that I would come crashing down all at once. Damn.

Speaking of Crash...I rented that movie and I am about to kick back with the piss machine and dive into it. I hear that it is great. I sure hope so.

Anyway...I hope that you all are ok out there. I need to fire up this movie and hope to stay awake through it. I feel like I have the body of an old man anymore. I am always sore and lately I find myself getting cramps in my stomach more and more. Sometimes getting up from a sitting position really hurts. I wish that I felt better but I seem to be getting worse lately and that scares me. I am also losing weight quickly and that is good in a way but it worries me also. Maybe I should have a chat with my doctor soon. That would probably be a good plan.

Dear body of mine,
I need a bit more time here on Earth. Bear with me ok? I will feed you all the bananas, vitamins and medicine that you are supposed to need. All you have to do is keep things moving inside for just a little while longer. I have some more love to give so I need my ticker and I need these arms because people still want to hug me sometimes. Also, please let me keep seeing. I so enjoy colors. And please allow me to hear so I can hear laughter and enjoy my new appreciation for the blues and gospel tunes. I will try to be as good to you as possible. No more carnitas. No more frosted flakes. Much more water. No more days without enough rest. Just please don't fail me now.
Ruben (Your strange yet sincere owner)

Smile today everyone and be happy.

Wow! That was some nap!

Dear Ruben's Body:

We here in blogland need you to be strong so we can keep reading about this awesome guy's life. You're part of that too, so you can enjoy it! Ruben will take care of you if you promise to be nice to him. Megan will be nice to you too if you just play nice! :)

Love, ginger of the blogging community!

I'm no dog expert, but I can tell you from my own doggie's behavior, the piss machine is just being normal. And I totally agree about it driving you crazy! Now picture Hector in the body of my 122 (!!!!!) pound Dalmation! He drinks gallons and pees for days! Sheesh!

Glad to hear you got some much needed rest, although I'd have been really freaked out to have slept that long. (Surprised Hector LET you sleep that long without a potty break!) I usually only sleep a couple hours at a time, several times a day. This past week, though I've been sleeping 4-6 hours at a time and my body still isn't happy about it. UGH! Your body is just reminding you to take care of it (and YOU) so that you'll be around LONG after that wedding next year! Take care and take it easy on yourself.


Glad you got some good and much needed rest! Body, please be kind
To Ruben, he's being kind to you!! We love you Ruben!!

isn't it funny how our bodies take care of themselves? if you aren't going to rest enough, it will make you! HA! and to ruben's body, we need him around so if you could be good to him, he and all of us will be very good to you. we promise!

I am so glad you got a much needed rest.
Dear Mr. Body: We need you around, you make us smile everyday. We will give you all the hugs and good vibes you need. Thanks!

Okay, R's bod...lookie here. Cut him a little slack, m'kay? I know, you got some well-deserved rest. But please, try to co-operate.

Gahhh....I have no idea when I last had a good night's sleep. Hope you are perking up soon. :)

I wish my body would do that for me!

Congrats on getting sleep and hopefully you're body will let you stick around, I know I need it.

The dog lifting his leg, regardless of whether he has to pee or not, is a means of marking his territory. Any other male seeing him would either have to challenge him if he came on his territory if he seen him lifting his leg. Also lets the bitches know that he's the man!

Hope you liked that movie, I thought it was great! Sorry to hear you're not feeling to good. Hope you feel better. Take care bro.

glad to hear you got yourself some much needed R & R. Sleep usually helps me out too. Keep on truckin' ruben, we're all pulling for you big guy.

Hang in there Ruben, you are doing great!! :)

People still want to hug you LOTS of times. Even us old fat ladies, all the way over here in West Virginia.

You're still the most amazing young man I know.

I've been visiting this site now for oh, I don't know maybe 6 months or more and can say that I feel a conection to you and megan in some way. I stumbled upon the site while looking on the internet for info. on the Queen Bean. There's sometihing about a person being open with others and shareing both the small and big things in our lives that seems to awaken the most basic of emotions in all of us. Honesty is a powerful thing, Keep looking through the haze of this worlds noise and finding the light. Most importantly, and I don't know what your position is as far as spiritual beliefs but find the truth. I hope and pray you are saved. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. all my best wishes and prayers for you and yours.

You forgot no more mexican food. But then what you get might be better than the Taco Bell I crave!

I am glad that you got some much needed sleep - sometimes you just have to stop and recouperate. Mexican food is a good part of the healing process too

I don't know what that is with the dog thing. My Beau does that very thing. He keeps lifting that leg loooonnnnggg after he is dry. Although in the morning he does this spinning thing where he lifts the leg and then swings it around to a squat. I had the lovely experience of walking him the other day. He was lagging behind and I looked back to see him rolling around. I am thinking "I have heard that dogs roll on dead animals" But no! My dog rolled in the largest, wetest, runniest, pile of poop you have ever seen! I have a big dog and one whole side of him was totally covered. Guess it makes the leg lifting thing every three blades of grass seem pretty ok. :)

Dear Ruben's Body:
Quit giving Ruben shit or I will go kick your ass. Heh. I KID I KID!
Okay...please be strong because someday I hope to hug Ruben in person, not just in a psuedo internet hug.

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