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Thursday, September 01, 2005 

Please read this...

Out of all the blogs that I read I seem to find myself reading Ginger's the most often. She always has something positive to say and her insight is amazing! Today she wrote about Hurricane Katrina and her post really got me thinking. To read it click here.

Sitting here in the comfort of my funny little house in California is usually not very exciting because nothing really crazy ever happens. But tonight I sat down and took a look at some images of the damage that hurricane Katrina has done and I have to feel pretty damn lucky to be where I am.

Just a couple of thousand miles away in the same country that I live in people are without power, water and even food. Looking at some of the images I thought that I may be looking at a third world country! This looks like Tsunami damage!

Anyway, I will keep this brief. Megan and I just donated $50.00 to The United Way and I encourage all of my readers to donate also. It can be any amount that you may be able to spare. We are so very lucky to have homes tonight and the feeling of safety.

Ginger will cuddle up to her man tonight and I will cuddle up with Meg and we will be alright in the morning. Sure, I may be dealing with a health crisis but these poor people are dealing with a loss that I could never imagine.

There is a song that I want you all to hear. Please take just a few minutes to listen to the words. Pray for the people in distress today and hug your children just a little bit tighter. There are children right here in our country that have lost their parents and many parents that have lost their children.

Click here for the song.

Click here to donate ANY amount to The United Way.

Click here to see Flickr Images relating to Hurricane Katrina.

Smile today!

Yea it is a tragedy.
Bless ginger.

A blog that I read inspired me similarily and I made a donation too... I just wish there was more I could do...

I'm so glad people all over are starting to understand the scope of this tragedy. People on television keep saying "catastrophy" and "tragedy" but what it is really more of a holocaust, which is a "great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life."

Thanks for the shout out Ruben. Between all of us we can make people realize the magnitude of what has happened and IS happening to our Southern coastline.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. We are all blessed that we can hug our loved ones, and have clean water to drink.

You and Ginger both summed it up so well Ruben. It's so amazing the destruction that continues there. I am thankful for all I have in this life.

i am sending prayer... :) and really hope Mr B do something quick.

What a tear-jerker of a song! Thank you.

Who sings this song?

Good post. I was also reminded of third-world refugees when looking at the pictures.

Nice post.
This is a week in which we are all reminded of the good things we have in life as we think of the destruction and tragedy on the Gulf coast.

I just can't get over this. I have donated money, and I keep praying, but I can't get my brain around it. It's just too big. I'm glad to see so many bloggers posting about it, though, it's good to get the word out on how to help in as many ways as possible.

It is very much a tragedy.... What's also sad is people don't realize how much has occured in other places b/c of this disaster, you aren't hearing on the news how, every state on the East Coast is having a gas shortage, and by this I mean gas stations are running out of gas! They're are out of gas signs going up all over the east coast, this is a very serious problem!

Ruben, Thank you so much. That someone in the situation you are in, can take the money they dont have, out of their pocket to relieve others suffering is incredible. Thanks so much and God Bless.

Things can change so quickly- it is so horrible all the destruction that has occured. The only thing I can do is look to God- too much stuff out there I don't understand. Have a good weekend and snuggle tight to your honey!!

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