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Saturday, September 10, 2005 


As you may have guessed I have put off Flickr Friday this week. There have been so many things happening around here with school starting and medical appointments and I just needed a bit of a break.

I wanted to thank you all for all of your amazing comments about my cancer news. I still have an uphill climb to face with my liver but I will survive it. I will be just fine.

This morning Meg and I have a Biology lab to attend and then we will drive up to a town called Angels Camp and spend an evening with our family. It will be nice to sink into a hot tub and let my crazy life just fizzle away for a bit. I always love spending time with her and this place is special because this is where we will get married also. April is approaching like a locomotive!

About last week's Flickr Friday...
I believe that people were busy with Labor Day and life like me and I received three great photos. The two that I combined above are great. The photo of the Jesus image by Catrina works well with the photo of the flag that was taken by Melissa's sister during Hurricane Katrina.

Hey wait a minute...I just realized that one of these photos is of Katrina and one was submitted by Catrina. That is interesting to me especially considering the content.

The third photo was taken by Chantel and when I tried to post it I was not able to see all of the words on it very clearly. Chantel wanted to share that the nine values of her life are:

  • Nurturing of Dreams
  • Love
  • Forgiveness and Acceptance
  • Creativity
  • The Golden Rule
  • Freedom
  • Laughter
  • Honesty
  • Security
That was great for me to be reminded of. These are things that we should probably all think about more.

One more thing...A member of our little blog family left a message on Thursday that she was going to have her son that day. If you have some time please go and give a congrats to RockStar Mommy.

I will dive back into the blog pool and do a few more laps on Monday. I just needed a break to focus a bit. Take care of you and yours! Smile today!

That pic looks great! Good job putting it together. Um, and about my name. Kinda sucks, huh?

On the contrary Catrina....I think it's a beautiful name! Sadly it will be associated with something bad for awhile, but it will pass.

Ruben, I think you more than most deserve the break this weekend and I hope you find the strength to come back to us after that dip in the hot tub! *winkwink*

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I love that combination of the pictures. My sister BEAMED when I emailed her the link! :)

Hey Rubin,
I haven't been making the rounds this past week so I had to catch up. I am so happy for you that you are cancer free!! Yeah!! I so hope that the liver thing isn't making you itch. That alone can be a nightmare. Keep your chin up. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog in the middle of my crisis. You are way too kind. I appreciate your support. Take care!

Have a great time!!!!

I love the flicker friday thing. I'm sending good thought your way.

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